The End of a Blogging Era

hula hoop princess elb

(Picture: Me hula-hooping my way to the future.)

This is it, ya’ll! This week, our blogs will be graded, and I’ll no longer have to write weekly rants and rambles about whatever random topic I can think of. I can say that it’s been a pretty good semester. It’s been busy, at times I’ve been stressed and stretched in one million different directions. But I survived it, and I gained skills and knowledge I wouldn’t have otherwise. In the end, I’m glad I had to do this project, even if it was difficult to do some weeks. I’ll always have 45-or-so articles just about me and my life to look back on. Will I continue blogging? Probably not for now. But I hope in the future I can start a photography blog and have a place to share my work. I think I’ll do my best to pick back up my nightly journaling, just because I miss being able to look back on my life and see how far I’ve come. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about me and my crazy life. For the last time,



Being an Ag Ambassador

Ag Ambassadors

This past week, I was selected to serve as a 2017-2018 Ambassador for the ATU Department of Agriculture. I’ve pretty much served on the team this last year helping Carley, and I’m excited to actually be an official member of the team now.  I know it will be a lot of work, especially with all the other commitments I already have, but I’ll manage. I’ll be working with a great team of people, many of which are already good friends. As Ambassadors, we are required to attend a retreat where we get to know our team, do school visits to tell high school students about our department and why they should go here, and we generally coordinate and assist with events and programs in the department. I’m excited for a great, Ag-filled year! Until next time,



Finals pic

Finals Week is the best and worst week of the semester. It’s the worst for obvious reasons: you’re basically preparing to take a bunch of tests and trying to get your crap together and not flush your GPA down the toilet. For me, I tend to stay on top of things during the semester so I don’t have to do the panicked run around at the end. But, on the other hand, it’s the best week of the entire semester. Your schedule is pretty clear, because events and club stuff is on hold or wrapping up. BUT, the only events that are going on are “stress-relieving” events. Just yesterday, I went to a baseball game, got free pizza at an LLC event, and went to a free movie with free popcorn and drinks. I’d say that’s pretty good. And Thursday, they’re bringing in a FREAKIN’ CARNIVAL. That’s right, rickety rides and funnel cakes. Don’t get any better. Until next time,


Awkward Baby Photos

awkward photo

Awkward baby photos are literally the best. I know some people would disagree with me. They argue they’re “embarrassing”, or “should never see the light of day”, or some nonsense like that. I love those scary pictures where you know it’s me, but it’s just a much fatter, oddly-dressed miniature. Seriously, what’s not to love. There are even memes dedicated to awkward baby pictures, or better yet, an entire website dedicated to awkward family photos. In all honestly, it’s fun to look back at them and think about how different you look, and how many fewer crayons you’ve eaten. Until next time,


Jimmy Dean: The Wonder Pig


Erf, Erf. These are the words I speak to Jim that are probably offensive and terrible, but he always replies. Jim, in case you didn’t know, is my pet mini pig. He is bristly, yet cuddly, and has the most adorable ugly face you will ever see. He is part mini pig, part Juliana, and weighs about 43 pounds at the moment. He loves food more than life and will undoubtedly climb all over you if you try to eat in his general vicinity. He occasionally gets excited and makes a super high pitched squeal noise and meanders down the hall. But occasionally, he takes nap in a fuzzy blankie and is returns to cuteness. He’s a good little bristly buddy and I don’t know what we’d do without him. Until next time,


Why I Love My Yeti Cup

Yeti Cup

They keep the cold things cold, and the hot things hot; you guessed it! It’s Yeti brand everything. You probably think the post is going to be all about how I love the Yeti Tumbler, and why they’re the best things on the planet, but guess what…It’s not! I’d actually like to tell you why I love MY Yeti cup…not all Yeti cups. I don’t care, it could be that RTIC brand, and that’s perfectly fine, too. But I feel like my Yeti cup is kinda special. Not only does it have a nice gold “A” on the front to designate who it belongs to, but it’s been everywhere with me. It’s on every road trip, stayed with me in California, keeps my drinks cold while I lounge at home, and heck, it just looks good. It holds water when I’m trying to be healthy, and Coke when…not so much. But it’s always there for me, and it always keeps me hydrated. Three cheers for my Yeti. Until next time,


Philip, The Master of Memes


(Side note: I was too lazy to switch SD cards to get the pictures of Philip, so here is a picture of some baby goats.)

What is there to say about Philip…he loves trains, drums, and film photography. He’s obsessed with memes, among other things. I had the opportunity to take a few senior pictures of him this weekend at Spadra. The bright sunlight and harsh shadows were hard to overcome, it was a photographer’s nightmare, and I forgot my bounce board, but it all worked out. It just so happened to a UPRR train rolled through, and Philip informed me what kind of train it was, and several facts that I don’t remember at all. We even got a few shots of him and the train. Overall, it was a pretty good session, and I look forward to checking out the results. Until next time,


We’re All One Big Family

ag dept

Tonight we had the Ag Department Banquet. I know I’ve mentioned the Department before, and how much I love all the people in it, but here I go again. The Department of Agriculture is like a home away from home for me. I can go in the office any time of day, and there are people there who know and care about me. Tonight we had the annual Department Banquet where we recognize outstanding students and teachers that go above and beyond. This year, we have three people that have left the department, either to go on to bigger and better things, or better yet, retirement. We’re going to have new faces in the Department next semester, but I look forward to the new and exciting things that are sure to come. Until next time,


Easter 2017


Flowers, bunnies, eggs, and food. What more could one ask for in a holiday? In case you just live under a rock and don’t know, Easter is a holiday where we celebrate Jesus makin’ his GRAND ENTRANCE (ain’t nobody gettin’ rid of Jesus, y’all). It’s also a highly commercialized holiday, where we eat the ears off of chocolate bunnies, and stuff our mouths with marshmallow chickens. Wait, that didn’t sound quite right. Anyway, for me, it’s a chance to spend time with my family, and enjoy a day off. We typically eat a big lunch, watch the kids hunt eggs, and sit around all full and miserable. The last couple years, I’ve spent with Tanner’s family. This year, I went to Granny’s and did the usual, old Easter. It was nice to enjoy some family time. Until next time,


I Don’t Know Nothin’ About Racin’ No Horses

Horses pic

This weekend, we had the ATU Pre-Vet Barrel Race. Let me just say, I know nothing about horses or horse racing, or barrel racing, or…anything equine. I don’t usually like to drive anything with a mind of its own. As a little kid, I did play days and threw a shoe into the audience. In high school I showed a horse and almost got trampled. Horses are DANGEROUS, PEOPLE. Horse people are, shall we say, a special breed of people that I tend to not comingle with. Anyway, all that aside, the barrel race was long and only slightly painful. I snapped some good pictures, didn’t get stomped on, and survived for the most part. I hold to the statement that the only horses I like are of the miniature variety. Just kidding, they’re of the devil, too. Until next time,