Finals pic

Finals Week is the best and worst week of the semester. It’s the worst for obvious reasons: you’re basically preparing to take a bunch of tests and trying to get your crap together and not flush your GPA down the toilet. For me, I tend to stay on top of things during the semester so I don’t have to do the panicked run around at the end. But, on the other hand, it’s the best week of the entire semester. Your schedule is pretty clear, because events and club stuff is on hold or wrapping up. BUT, the only events that are going on are “stress-relieving” events. Just yesterday, I went to a baseball game, got free pizza at an LLC event, and went to a free movie with free popcorn and drinks. I’d say that’s pretty good. And Thursday, they’re bringing in a FREAKIN’ CARNIVAL. That’s right, rickety rides and funnel cakes. Don’t get any better. Until next time,



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