Why I Love My Yeti Cup

Yeti Cup

They keep the cold things cold, and the hot things hot; you guessed it! It’s Yeti brand everything. You probably think the post is going to be all about how I love the Yeti Tumbler, and why they’re the best things on the planet, but guess what…It’s not! I’d actually like to tell you why I love MY Yeti cup…not all Yeti cups. I don’t care, it could be that RTIC brand, and that’s perfectly fine, too. But I feel like my Yeti cup is kinda special. Not only does it have a nice gold “A” on the front to designate who it belongs to, but it’s been everywhere with me. It’s on every road trip, stayed with me in California, keeps my drinks cold while I lounge at home, and heck, it just looks good. It holds water when I’m trying to be healthy, and Coke when…not so much. But it’s always there for me, and it always keeps me hydrated. Three cheers for my Yeti. Until next time,



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