Easter 2017


Flowers, bunnies, eggs, and food. What more could one ask for in a holiday? In case you just live under a rock and don’t know, Easter is a holiday where we celebrate Jesus makin’ his GRAND ENTRANCE (ain’t nobody gettin’ rid of Jesus, y’all). It’s also a highly commercialized holiday, where we eat the ears off of chocolate bunnies, and stuff our mouths with marshmallow chickens. Wait, that didn’t sound quite right. Anyway, for me, it’s a chance to spend time with my family, and enjoy a day off. We typically eat a big lunch, watch the kids hunt eggs, and sit around all full and miserable. The last couple years, I’ve spent with Tanner’s family. This year, I went to Granny’s and did the usual, old Easter. It was nice to enjoy some family time. Until next time,



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