An Ode to Davis

an ode to davis pic

This week’s weather can’t make up its mind. We go from tornados to 80 degrees one day to the next. This had me missing the warm, sunny weather in Davis this summer. You may or may not know that I spent my summer working for the USDA at the Western Human Nutrition Research Center. On weekends and evenings, I spent so much time outside, I *almost* got a tan! Davis was small and eclectic enough, that it was familiar, but there was always something new. I met some of my very favorite people there including my coworkers and roommate. I became a different, and in my opinion, better person. I gained some degree of independence, learned difficult life lessons, and some fun ones, too. By the end of the summer, I had an appreciation and love for this place I had originally perceived as big and scary. While I love Davis, I love even more what I gained while there; both the memories and experience. Maybe one day I’ll go back and visit the place I called home for a summer, but for now, I’ll just be wishing for sunshine. Until next time,





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