Important Women in My Life

3 bandw collage

There are many important folks in my life, both male and female, but in honor of Women’s Week, I want to take a moment to talk about the women in my life that have helped shape me. First off, I want to talk about my Mama. My mom has got to be one of the strongest people I know, both physically and mentally. I’ve seen her be tough as nails when she had to be, or soft and gentle when she needed to be. We’ve always had a bond like I’ve never had with anyone else. While most daughters have a strong bond with their mother, I feel like me and my mom have a unique relationship. She’s always been my best friend, and I feel comfortable and happy when I’m around her.  She encourages me to be my own person and to not worry about others, but to strive to find my own success. She’s helped me to become independent and strong. My Aunt Nan has played a similar role in my life, maybe because she has the same DNA. But Nan has always been my kindred shopaholic spirit and I’m more like her than I probably know.

My grandmas, Flora and Candy, are who I strive to be one day. They’re very different people, and I can only hope to be a little like each of them. My Grandma Flora is a strong woman, much like my mother, even though she’s under five foot tall. All her life, she’s worked hard, and I have never heard her complain a single time. People respect her and her opinions, and when she talks, people listen. She’s caring, and always thinks of others first. She’s rooted in her values and her background of responsibility, and she has wisdom like no other. My Grandma Candy is a beautiful person, inside and out. She’s artsy, and I’m sure she’s where I get what little bit of artistic talent I have. With her, I always see and try new things, like the first time I’d gone to see a symphony. I’ve always considered Grandma Candy to have a more unique and eclectic taste in food, art, and life. And above that, she’s always genuinely herself. Ever since I can remember, she’s been good ole Grandma. I can certainly see myself looking and acting a lot like her as I get older, at least I hope so.

Thanks to these women, I’ve turned out pretty okay. They’ve set the bar high, and I hope one day, I’ll be strong, wise, and creative like them. With that, happy International Women’s Week! Until next time,



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