Happy International Women’s Day!


You may or may not know that today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. Women certainly are something to be celebrated. They are the givers of life (and takers if you get on their wrong side), they are world leaders, philanthropists, scientists, and everything in between. I’ve been privileged to grow up in a world where women have improved parity in comparison to previous generations, and the power to interject when that isn’t the case. Many women are the glue that holds families together, much like my grandma that I’ll talk about later this week. Women are progressive doers, and have been ever since they’ve fought to be recognized as such. Think of all the great achievements women have earned despite being considered less capable than men; achieving suffrage despite immense opposition blows me away. But we also must consider how far we still have to go, dealing with the ever-controversial wage gap, anti-feminism, and anything else in the way of gender parity. We must also consider the international scope of these problems, and the severity of gender inequality in many parts of the world. As we go forward, I hope we remember the important role women have in our communities, our nation, and our world. Here’s to celebrating women every day. Until next time,



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