Tornader Season


Photo: I live between the two lines.

Arkansas severe weather season is upon us, folks. I’m not excited about it either, but, we live in an area deemed “Tornado Alley“; what did we really expect. I’ve had my fair share of severe weather-related experiences, including the time a tornado passed over my house while I huddled in the bathtub with my 3 cats and house rabbit. The whole freight train thing? No lie. They don’t tell you about the water sucking out of the bathtub drains, so that was a new one.  I’ve also spent at least two nights in Barton Coliseum at the State Fairgrounds as tornado passed though. I’m no stranger to the rain, or straight-line winds. If you’re from Arkansas, you’ve probably had some brush with severe weather. Just remember to think ahead, and follow tornado safety guidelines, no matter how silly they seem. Also, think about making small preparations in the event of bad weather, like jugs of water and candles under the sink or an emergency night light/flashlight. Doing the little things now could save you later. Until next time,



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