My Weekend with Tanner Tot


In case you didn’t already know, I claim a tall, blonde, burly dude named Tanner as my partner-in-crime. He’s hardly difficult to spot, as he usually wears fluorescent orange t-shirts and khaki cargo shorts for most months in the year. I love him dearly, and my favorite pastime is getting on his very last nerve. Might I add, I’m quite good at it. Anyway, he tends to be very “on the fly”, and doesn’t do much planning. I’m the exact opposite. So, it was to my surprise that this last weekend, he planned a getaway for the two of us as a Valentine’s gift (cue the “Awww”). So, Friday after I got done at school, I met him and we headed to Eureka Springs. Eureka is one of my favorite places, just because of the artsy feel downtown, and the options for outdoor activities all around the city.

We stayed in an adorable and comfy cabin:

Enjoyed sightseeing downtown:

And even got to spend some time outside while the weather was nice:

But the best part of the whole weekend was spending it with one of my favorite humans on the whole planet.


Until next time,



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