Preaching to the Cattle Choir


Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to talk to the Johnson County Cattlemen about exactly what us young’uns are learning here at this fancy institution called college. I spent quite some time thinking about a topic that would interest a previous generation, and that I actually had any knowledge about. Typically, a presentation about a recent outbreak of a cattle disease or what you should be doing on your farm fills the slot I was going to be occupying. Since college is pretty much my life, and most of them are several generations removed from the college experience, this sounded like a perfect opportunity. I just talked about the things we learn, the courses we take, and the opportunities we have. We’re certainly lucky to have access to the knowledge we do. While talking about the upper-level animal science courses, I saw a few ears perk up. So I talked about Arkansas’s free tuition over 60. At most state institutions, including ATU, those over 60 are eligible to take college courses tuition-free. Several in the crowd probably never even thought about branching out to find knowledge anywhere past these monthly meetings. It affirmed that I had caught at least one person’s interest when Sam, a frequent visitor from Arkansas Cattlemen, came to let me know that he found my presentation informative, and that he was happy to hear some information that he didn’t know. He is even considering taking a few courses himself. It just goes to show, maybe our generations have knowledge worth sharing between one another. Until next time,



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