Stacks on Stacks {of Homework}


Sometimes, I just wonder just exactly how much time normal college students spend doing their homework. Surely it can’t be as much as professors recommend, some ungodly 5-6 hours a day, PER CLASS – *raises hand* when do I sleep? I wouldn’t consider my coursework necessarily hard or difficult to complete, there’s just so much of it. I spend every night and every Sunday dedicated to homework. I haven’t watched Netflix in a like a month, and I haven’t slept longer than 7 hours on a weeknight in longer than that. Will the stacks of homework ever end? Probably not. If I wasn’t busy, I wouldn’t know what to do with my life. At the least, I guess I can say it keeps me out of trouble for the most part. And in the end, when I unbury myself from this massive pile of paperwork that I can’t get the dog to eat, maybe I’ll come out better for it. Until next time,



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