Baseball Caps and Sunshine


There are few things I enjoy more than a day at the ballpark. Now, I’ll admit, I don’t really understand baseball all that well. I get the concept, and that’s all that really matters. {But just in case you’re actually interested, this website is pretty useful}. What I really love about baseball games is the atmosphere and tradition. You pack up your things, you head out to the ballpark, and you spend the day in the sunshine with good friends, and if you’re lucky, good kettlecorn. As with any sport, you’re surrounded by others rooting for the same team, and there to just enjoy themselves and have a good time. It really doesn’t get much better than that. As I’ve mentioned before, I always feel guilty when I do “fun” things instead of homework. That’s wasting valuable blog writing time. But my advice to you is: taking a break is okay. The sun isn’t always going to be shining, the grass isn’t always going to be green, and the cute baseball players aren’t always going to be on the field. So while the seasons in, live it up, and soak up the sun. Until next time,



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