One for Beef, and Beef for All


I’ll tell you what…beef is a beautiful thing. Not only are cattle a livelihood and tradition for some with a whopping 27,000 Arkansas cattle farms, but the Arkansas Beef Industry brought in about $533 million for Arkansas’s economy in 2012. Not to mention all the great things the beef industry has achieved on the national level. That’s good business. I’ll be the first to tell you that I’ve never actually owned a cow. Sure, I’ve done lots with cows both at my Grandpa’s farm, and now that I’m in the Agriculture Department, in Animal Science, but never have I had a cow of my very own. But that hasn’t stopped me from becoming involved with the Arkansas Beef Industry. Since August of last year, I’ve served as the Arkansas Beef Advocate, doing promotional activities to show others what I already know to be true: Beef is where it’s at. I’ve had the chance to write bi-monthly articles for Arkansas Cattle Business, including my recent article about my Grandparents and how beef has impacted their lives. I’ve set up booths, visited schools, and attended baseball games, all in the name of beef. All of this, without ever owning a cow for myself. It’s hard to believe my term as Arkansas’s Beef Ambassador will be coming to a close soon, but I hope that I’ll always be a part of the beef industry, because if there’s one for beef, then there’s beef for all. Until next time,



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