Less-Than-Super Bowl


Picture: A few members of my Ag Department family.

Super Bowl Sunday. An overrated game of football, televised and commercialized. Gotta love it. Actually, I don’t. I’ve never understood football, and I think that’s why I don’t really enjoy it. I cheer at the most inopportune moments, like when the other team does something “good”. How was I supposed to know? But, the one thing I do like about Super Bowl Sunday is the food and the family. Never has my family hosted or celebrated with a Super Bowl party. It’s just another Sunday, but the TV happens to be airing football instead of the Science Channel. This year’s a little different. While I don’t necessarily care about football, I do care about my Ag Department family. This season, I’ll be spending Super Bowl Sunday with them, celebrating good food, and good company, and still caring absolutely nothing about football. Until next time,



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