Whovian at Heart


Picture: I made a giant TARDIS pillow as an art project. I also own numerous DW shirts and accessories. No shame.

I’m a Whovian, and I won’t even try to deny it. No, I’m not a member of a cannibalistic cult or anything, I’m a fan of the long-running British television series, Doctor Who. I started watching back around the Eccleston Era, a.k.a. the Ninth Doctor. In case you’re not familiar, The Doctor is from the planet Gallifrey. He’s the last of his kind, and he stole a time-traveling machine, called the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), and it’s “bigger on the inside!”. He travels through time and space, saving humanity over and over again, usually with a companion or two. I’m not sure what I like the most about the show. Maybe that he’s a superhero of sorts, but he’s certainly not perfect. He lets people down, and makes TONS of mistakes. He changes form (Eccleston, Smith, Hurt, Tenant, Capaldi), but he always has the same moralistic goals at heart. I think Peter Capaldi is my favorite portrayal of The Doctor thus far. He’s a crotchety old man, he first appeared barfed out of a dinosaur, and his first companion was one of my very favorites, Clara Oswald. I recently saw that the upcoming season will be Capaldi’s last. Sure, that makes me sad, but I can’t wait to see the next Doctor and what crazy antics they come up with. So, if you ever lose me, just look for the TARDIS. Until next time,



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