No Tech Detox

The assignment was:

“No TV

No Cell Phone

No Internet

No Video Games

No Microwaves

You can listen to FM radio or chill with a sweet LP and a good book.”

And so this Saturday, I did just that, for a whole 24 hours. Not the LPs. I don’t have a record player. Anyway, I decided to start at 9pm Friday night. That way, I could sleep for a good 12 of the 24 hours. So I snuggled in bed, packed my three cats and textbooks around me, and settled in for a good night/morning of sleep. I woke up around nine-thirty, and since I couldn’t do my morning Facebook check, I petted my cats for about an hour. Eventually, I got up and took a shower. Since I couldn’t listen to music while in the shower, it was an acapella performance, much to everyone’s dismay. After that, I decided it was time for breakfast. I had Private Crunch. Like Cap’n Crunch, but the off-brand.


It was delicious. After that I spent some time taking pictures of my cats. They’re not the most photogenic, but they try.


Shortly after, Mom, Dad, Tanner and I went up to get lunch and to take care of the critters at school. Several plants were blooming in the greenhouse, and I have a new lens that I’ve been wanting to test out. While we were there, I decided to snap some photos:


Then we came home. Tanner was wore out, so we took an, oh, 2-or-so hour nap. I woke up and read a bit of a book about WWI.


Then shortly after, it was 9pm, and my 24 hours was up. I went the whole day without my cell phone, laptop, or TV. As to how it went, it was both liberating, and inconvenient. To not have to worry about being in constant contact all day was kind of nice. I enjoyed being free from the responsibility of checking my phone while I had it, or having to constantly check Blackboard *gasp*. However, it was inconvenient, not being constantly connected to what was going on elsewhere. I would find myself thinking, “hey, I’ll just look that up real quick”, but it wasn’t an option. Too bad there wasn’t any encyclopedias around. In conclusion, I survived, and I’m glad to be reunited with my laptop.


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