The College Conundrum


Back at it again! Still a Freshman, but less…Fresh? Wait, no. That just sounds weird. I’m a second-semester Freshman, okay? Let’s just leave it there. If someone was to ask me how I feel about the prospects of this semester, I would likely reply with a mixture of a groan and sigh. A…grigh. Why you ask? No reason in particular. This is my more serious, no-nonsense semester, where I have to take things like Chemistry. I sympathize with this poor Physics Forum shmuck who feels my pain: see here. But honestly, if they’re posting in “Physics Forum”, they may have other, more pressing issues than hating Chemistry. Anyway, back on track. I can’t decide what the source of my anxious feelings are for this semester, but more than anything, I can’t stand the unknown. And maybe, just maybe, it’s because people just aren’t wired to deal with worrying about long term goals and the future (read more here). I’m not sure. Starting a new semester means new professors, which is always a toss-up. You could get fun, interactive, project-based teachers (*cough*, Dr. Reeder, does this mean extra credit?), or strict, book-based, lecturers, both of which I’ve experienced, and liked and disliked both the former and latter teaching styles. I admit, sometimes it’s difficult to believe that I’ll be successful. I struggle with the idea of not meeting both my own expectations and those of others. There are certain subjects that I am convinced I cannot succeed in – math anyone? – but yet I try so hard, only to find disappointment, confusion, and frustration. But wait, what about all the things I’m good at? Like designing and building things. Taking ideas, and turning them into actions. I spend so much time worrying about what I’m bad at, I forget the things I’m good at. I have skills, and value, just like those who excel at math and science. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has attributes that make them unique, and useful. Throughout the semester, I refuse to let go of this thought: that everyone, even me, has value and a place. Until next time,



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