Seeing the World Through My Lens


It’s not often that you come across something that becomes a passion, at least not for me. Few times in my life have I found something that really moves me to action, and pushes me to seek more and pursue further. I tend to be a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”, kind of person. You could call me wishy-washy, but let’s not even go there. But one thing is for certain, photography is one of my passions. In my younger years, photography was always something I had a hand in, but I never really took it seriously. Then three or so Christmases ago (is that even a word? Is it Christmasi, maybe? Back to the point), I begged my parents and grandma into buying me a sweet DSLR, a Canon EOS Rebel T5, to be exact. If you’re a true camera guru, you know that this is the bottom rung as far as shiny new DSLR cameras go, but it was expensive and had lots of buttons, nonetheless. From then on, it was like I couldn’t stop learning and improving. I had a thirst for knowledge, that I just couldn’t seem to quench. I haunted every photography blog and forum, like this one, to try to find the next secret that would magically improve my skills. And since that point, I’ve never stopped exploring. Sure, I’ve hit lots of road blocks along the way. There’s been times when I felt like I was the worst photographer there was when I just couldn’t get things right. But I figured it out. It was a challenge I enjoyed, and still enjoy. I found value, and sometimes profit, in my work. My camera has taken me on so many adventures, it’s been my companion through it all. I look forward to telling you all about my crazy camera adventures, and the joys of photography. Until next time,



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